It was established in recognition of the growing demand for quality incoming Travel services. Our commitment to excellent service and professionalism resulted in a steady growth mainly through the 'Recommendations of our clients'.

We are essentially a medium-sized Adventures Management Company, specializing in Business, Leisure and Corporate travel to Africa destinations. The highly personalized manner in which we handle our clients has been a major factor in gaining repeats business and attracting new clients. The day-to-day management of the company is devolved to the Executive. Responsible to the Board of Management for all aspects of the company's activities; assisted by an executive management team who collectively manage the divisional structure of the company.


AFRICA ADVENTURE SAFARIS LTD is one of the best professional tour operators in Africa . It is managed by professionals who are very keen on each and every detail of the program offered by the company. Your presence is our service.

The top cream of the management team in our company have been in the industry in major companies where they had built good names in the tourism industry.

Our staff is constantly on the move for new destinations and creative ways of compiling new programs in a satisfactory manner. Therefore we do not work on trial and error. In simple language we are professionals .

We as professional service providers our pride is your genuine satisfied word of "THANK YOU". After many years of working in some of the most wildest and remotest parts of African Bush. We have created for you these wonderful tour options.

During this time we had the great fortune to indulge our passion for wildlife and we have had extensive experience of planning creating and running safari itineraries.



We provide the most unique and enjoyable safaris with the best standard of services so that the smile you have on your arrival day becomes a BIGGER SMILE on the last day. This is a sign of our happiness and achievement. We are also helping the orphaned children "JOYVILLA CHILDREN'S CENTRE" in the society. In this way AFRICA ADVENTURE SAFARIS Ltd. is able to express gratitude and it's commitment in helping the society and this has been possible because of the very BEST co-operation we receive from our clients.


During the last fifteen years we have experienced an upsurge of orphaned children left behind as a result of Aids endemic, civil wars and many other reasons. Their ages ranges from three years to eighteen years.

At the moment we have opened a center run by Africa Adventure Safaris Ltd. "JOYVILLA CHILDREN'S CENTRE" near Lake Victoria which operates a total of 10 full staying children and 50 partially sponsored children. We operate other half based cares which only requires our half attention in terms of consultancy and monetary funding for them to operate on their own as community of which we really recommend. This is extended to other women groups and other development projects initiated by the community.

For school going children we usually cater for their school uniforms, school textbooks. For the secondary students we provide for their school fees.This year we have two students admitted in secondary school in form one. Every year we have competition for the best creative child, best class performance and the best general character after which we present them with prizes as this encourages them to work even harder.

Women and Men

Mothers are the most affected in both ways, psychologically and financially. Having lost a partner due to AIDS and knowing very well that sooner the misfortune will follow them they tend to be very denial. In these cases we work together with social workers to help contain these people.

We also help finance their income earning projects so that they become self-reliance. In the cases where the concerned persons cannot work as a result of chronic stage of the disease we incorporate their relatives as bred winners and this also works positively. We as well do most by just helping other women groups as a casual donor so that they can also get a chance to work together positively.

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